Salads that are not just based on lettuce and tomatoes

Raw Zucchini Zoodle salad
Spiralize one medium zucchini. Set it on top of a slice avocado and spinach, season with salt and pepper 

Guac salad.
Make Guacamole.  Place on a bed of lettuce with micro greens, tomatoes and cucumbers.. Thats it!

Salad of fun.
Use whatever you have in the fridge. I had olives, figs, blueberries, cucumbers,  and lettuce.. Add a little vinegar and oil and eat up!

Seared Bok Choy and Barley Bowl.
Cook 8oz cup barley according to package directions. Sear bokchoy in 1 tsp of olive oil for 2 minutes.  Sautee 8 oz spinach and  8 oz mushrooms in 1 tbsp of olive oil for 3 minutes.  Place cooked barley in a bowl.   Topped with sautee' veggies.

Spinach pasta  salad topped with greens.
Boil 8 oz spinach pasta according to package instructions. Steam 8 oz of broccoli.  Slice 1 medium avocado in half and  chop one medium cucumber.  In a bowl place pasta. Top with veggies.  If you have any type of salad greens you can add them on top as well.  Use dressing of choice.  I didn't use any dressing, I ate it  salad as is,

Recycled Green Salad
I used up every green veggie that I had in my fridge.   Place all in a bowl and squeeze fresh lemon juice on to it.

Kale salad
Rub  8oz kale with olive oil place in a bowl.  Slice 1/4 cup of cherry tomatoes and  1/2 of a medium-sized avocado.
Sprinkle with crack black pepper and salt.


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