Clothesline and Gardening

Prepping Garden


Indoor herbs 

Vintage Tub



I have always loved kuntry living.  As a child, I was raised up hanging clothes on the clothesline after they have been washed in the "ringer washer".  Oh, how I missed those days.  I remember getting up on Saturday mornings and cleaning the house with my ma and siblings. (My dad  would be fishing) We would mop the hardwood floors and do yard work.  Since I was the Outdoors gal, I would feed the chickens and slop the hogs, calling them to the trough by belching out, "Here piggy piggy, Suewee Suewee" lol.  As of today, my husband put me up a clothesline and have made a place for me to garden..  All while recycling, reusing and repurposing. That's including things like pinecones, old pails, cardboard, and old planting pots. What things do you miss as a child growing up?


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