Blue Butterfly Pea Smoothie

Blue Butterfly pea Smoothie.  All you are going to  need is a blender, 2 frozen chopped bananas, 1 tsp of powder and 1/4 cup of almond milk.  Blend everything together until smooth for 2 minutes.  Pour up and enjoy :)

I guess you could ask yourself, what this kuntry gal know about Blue Butterfly Pea Powder??? I really don't know much about it or never heard of it until i was searching for activated charcoal powder an this powder along with 15 other different types popped up as well.    All I can say that from what I read it has major health benefits and its a natural food coloring :)  So why not use the powder in a smoothie.  I always have extra bananas. So to keep them from going bad, I freeze them and save them for smoothies. I purchase the Powder from amazon.


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